Introducing AGF Perspectives: Your source for expert commentary on industry news, investing, markets and personal finance.

Author: Blake C. Goldring

September 26, 2017

Welcome to AGF Perspectives

I am pleased to announce that AGF is launching AGF Perspectives to provide both advisors and investors with relevant, thoughtful and timely insights from AGF’s leading financial minds, including our Executive and Investment Management Teams.

AGF Perspectives provides insights and market perspectives with expert commentary on a wide range of topics including investing insights, personal financial planning, market updates, industry news and much more.

One of the many benefits of creating this platform is that we have the opportunity to showcase our talented teams. You can expect market commentary from our President and Chief Investment Officer Kevin McCreadie, along with perspectives from the desk of Stephen Way, the longest tenured Global Equity Portfolio Manager in Canada.  AGF Perspectives also features sustainable investing ideas from Vice-President and Portfolio Manager Martin Grosskopf and a special feature from tenured fixed-income manager Tristan Sones about the lessons he learned working with AGF co-founder Warren Goldring.

Our contributors will offer their opinions on a diverse range of topics, such as why the Bank of Canada recently increased interest rates, how fixed income is best used in a portfolio today and what retirement accounts are ideal for different people. Every post will be timely and insightful.

We also plan to provide local and international perspectives, which is important in today’s increasing globalized world.

Expect posts to start rolling out in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for joining us at AGF Perspectives and we look forward to continuing the conversation.


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