John Christofilos

Senior Vice President & Head Trader

AGF Investments Inc.

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The advantage of timing your trade (not the market)

Timing your next stock purchase to coincide with the most active periods of the trading day can be a worthwhile strategy.

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When only a block trade will do

When liquidity is lacking, a block trade can be the best way to ensure your bigger trades are executed at the price you’re willing to pay.

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Tariffs from a trader’s perspective

Another eventful week in Washington concluded with proposed tariffs being signed into law. While these…

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Why trading volumes are full of noise

Investors may be overestimating the true liquidity of their next trade. John explains why.

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Why a little discretion may benefit your next stock trade

Our head trader explains why he thinks investors end up chasing trades and how they may limit the potential damage.

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Market movers in 2018

John Christofilos looks back at North American financial markets in 2017, discussing what themes and…

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Bitcoin’s elevated price is causing elevated concern

Bitcoin soared to record high prices and has increased more than tenfold in value this…

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Canada is showing strength

John Christofilos explains what is causing the Canadian dollar to strengthen and the impact it…

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